Team Project | iOS | 2021

  • UIKit
  • CoreData
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Upmood is an app that can help you document your anxiety symptoms and levels.

What I Did#

Coming from a tech background, this was the first time I did a focused research on the users. It was a fun experience since this was really new to me and learning & ackquiring this knowledge of UX Design definitely helps me to see things in a different way that what I usually did. I got to befriend research. I used to think it was not that important, but after learning more, I understand how important it is and how it's not necessarily a bad thing.



We had many plans in the wireframe. As you can see here the wireframe and the actual hi-fi was pretty different since this was our first challenge and we had to make sure that it was feasible tech-wise.

High Fi Prototype#

After some of iterations and making sure that the tech side was feasible, my fellow designer teammate and I finally settled down on this design. We both try to keep both the engineers and our users in mind.


Since this was my first time with Swift, I was pretty excited. I didn't have a specific task to do, but I tried to understand everything my friends coded and helped them along the way. Through helping my team members I got the chance to learn about Swift & UIKit even though my role was a designer.


Though my main role is a designer, was actually involved in a lot of the whole process. As for the design process I was mainly involved with the UX process. Trying to find which HIG components will suit the feature best while keeping in mind the development process for the developers & whether it is attainable to code or note. I also participated a little in project managemnt I think together with some of my team members when trying to manage the flow & requirements of the project & ensuring everything goes according to plan. As for the engineering technical aspects I think I learn a lot because the taks that I worked on required me to connect a lot of components my teammates created, and from that I learned a lot.

I think wireframing was the hardest part because it is the initial part where everyone has to come together and decide what features will we work on, and how are we going to do it. After wireframes, there are lots of changes going into Hi-Fi. So many iterations. Because we had to think realisticly of what we can achieve within the limited time and knowledge. But, in the end I'm glad we managed to get it right 😉. Though our app's interface is not fancy, we can successfully explain the challenge and the research and the thought process behind it.